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About Us

Don Scinto

This is a 65 Chevelle wagon raced by Don in the early 80's and ran 12.0's with a 283! Don Scinto began working in the auto machine shop industry in the early 60’s. After years of faithful service and gaining the required experience, he began to explore the idea of opening his own business. This step would also allow him the freedom to provide services to the racing community which his then current employer was not interested in supporting. This dream would be put to the test as he was immediately fired for even thinking of such a thing. These events occurred back in 1973 and since then, Don Scinto Automotive has been providing auto machine shop services to the local mechanics and the seasoned racing competitors.

92 Cavalier Don has raced and fielded numerous competitive cars for decades. His passion has been NHRA’s Super Stock division where wheels up launches are the norm rather than the exception. His current car, a 1992 Chevy Cavalier is campaigned by a hired driver and has won numerous class titles and several event championships in the ultra competitive northeast’s division 1. Currently running 9.90 ET's with a 4 speed!

When the opportunity arises, Don can also be found enjoying the local cruise nights with his wife Jean while driving one of their vintage automobiles.

Anthony Scinto

(Click on pic!)  Tony Scinto's 92 Chevy CavalierDon's son, Anthony, began working at the family’s business very early in his life. Once gaining the required knowledge and experience, he quickly advanced through all phases of engine machining and assembly. He has also been able to master the art of cylinder head porting with flow bench readings to confirm the work performed. Now with access to their complete dyno facility, Anthony will be able to fine tune proven engine combinations as well as explore new ideas.

The saying about the apple not falling far from the tree definitely applies here. Anthony’s racing career is also focused on NHRA’s Super Stock division. He currently campaigns a 92 Chevy Cavalier in the GT/C class. Anthony loves the satisfaction of getting his high- powered stick shift car to perform well at the northeast’s drag strips.

When Anthony’s not busy at the shop or track, you may find him hanging out with friends at a local cruise night. Just like his dad, Anthony also has an interesting array of automobiles to enjoy when time and weather permit.