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We are proud to announce that we now have a new in-house dyno service! We use the Super Flow SF-901 dynamometer for accurate horsepower and torque ratings.  Available for horsepower/torque figures, engine break in procedures and tuning.  Call or email for pricing for your needs.


Engine development work is possible with the engine installed in a vehicle but is typically more convenient and accurate with the engine installed on a test system. Such a test system, when capable of loading the engine as if it were being run installed in a driving vehicle, is called an engine dynamometer.

The engine dynamometer usually measures power at the flywheel of the engine for highest accuracy: no transmission or driveline losses influence the results. It is possible to have very good control over all test parameters and test conditions for best repeatability. Access to the engine for the installation of sensors or for adjustment and changes is easy.

Engine development on an engine dynamometer however requires removing the engine from the vehicle which also means having to add all auxiliary systems to support engine operation: fuel supply, electrical supply, exhaust extraction, air flow for cooling and for combustion air, coolant temperature control, throttle actuationů This results in a requirement for an engine test cell, which provides all these services.

 Engine dynamometers are typically used for:

  • engine research and development, engine performance tuning
  • reliability, endurance testing
  • all tests requiring accurate measurement of engine output (such as Net Power Standards)
  • stationary engines (no vehicle available)


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